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By Stiles Family Dentistry
August 19, 2020
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In general, most people will experience at least one type of oral health problem at some point in their lives. For most, tooth decay is one of the most prominent oral problems, not because of poor oral hygiene alone, but at times, due to the drop of calcium percentage in the body due to aging. In some instances, poor nutrition likewise becomes a contributing factor to teeth damage. When left untreated, it can drastically affect the smile on your face.

Here at Stiles Family Dentistry in Salem, NH, dental crowns are often one of the most recommended solutions for damaged teeth. But how can crowns help your smile?

A Lasting Smile Makeover

A dental crown is designed as a tooth-shaped cap that can be fitted over a damaged or decaying tooth to serve as its protective shield. It can be manufactured using composite, or porcelain materials. To improve the appearance of your smile, porcelain or composite crowns are usually recommended, especially if the damaged teeth are visible when you smile.

Composite materials can be dyed to resemble the appearance of your natural teeth. This means that it can be placed in virtually any position in your mouth and it will make your smile look good. Porcelain crowns, on the other hand, are the choice of many because it is intrinsically similar to how your real teeth look like. Our teeth are white and translucent, which can be realistically mimicked by porcelain materials. So if you need help with your smile, porcelain crowns are the way to go.

You can have a complete smile makeover with porcelain crowns because they can easily hide chips, cracks, and stubborn stains. This makes porcelain crowns ideal for your front teeth. If you want to have it for your back teeth, which experience more wear and tear, you can have porcelain crowns that are fused to metal. In addition, crowns are designed to last for years as long as you take proper care of it.

Caring for Your Crowns

If you take good care of your dental crowns, they will not only give you that perfect smile for a long time, but you can also enjoy the benefits of:

  • Eating normally
  • Repairing stained or discolored teeth
  • A natural-looking smile

Caring for your dental crowns is not complicated. You can follow these simple tips to extend their service life and that of your beautiful smile:

  • Implement a sensible oral hygiene routine by brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly.
  • Avoiding chewing on hard foods that can damage your dental crown.
  • Stick to routine visits with your dentist in Salem, NH, for professional checkups and cleanings.
  • Keep away from acidic and sugary foods that can damage your natural teeth.

To Find Out More About Dental Crowns, Reach Out to Us

Dial (603) 893-4538 to arrange an assessment with your dentist here at Stiles Family Dentistry in Salem, NH, today.

By Stiles Family Dentistry
May 29, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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How dental crowns from your dentists in Salem, NH, can rebuild your smile

Dental crowns can save your smile, restoring both the beauty and the functionality of your smile. Modern dental crown materials are natural-looking and strong, making them perfect for any smile! Read on to learn how Dr. Nicholas Papapetros, Dr. Jhon O. Giraldo, and Dr. Paul F. Masterson at Stiles Family Dentistry in Salem, NH, offer dental crowns to rebuild and restore your smile!

More about crowns

If you have teeth that are badly damaged and have lost a significant amount of their structure, chances are fillings alone won’t do the job—dental crownsyou're going to need dental crowns to restore your whole smile.

You need dental crowns if you have teeth that are:

  • Badly damaged, broken, or fractured from an injury or trauma
  • Severely decayed with significant loss of tooth structure
  • Badly eroded or chipped from aging, habitual teeth grinding, or general bad habits
  • Weakened from a large dental filling or root canal treatment

Dental crowns strengthen and rebuild your teeth by covering the entire visible surfaces of each tooth above the gumline. The overall protection of a dental crown means that when you bite down, the strong biting forces are spread evenly across the entire surface of each tooth, protecting your teeth from breaking.

Dental crowns are needed to restore and rebuild your smile, but you may also want dental crowns to enhance its look as well. Dental crowns can replace unsightly, crumbly metal fillings with sparkling, natural-looking porcelain crowns

Porcelain is light-reflective and looks just like natural tooth enamel, making your porcelain crowns virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Full porcelain crowns are a superb choice for front teeth.

You can also choose porcelain-fused-to-metal, known as a PFM crown. These crowns have all the beauty of porcelain combined with the strength of a metal underlay. PFM crowns are the perfect choice for back teeth where you need increased strength for chewing.

Interested? Give us a call!

To find out more about why dental crowns are the right choice for you and your smile, call the dentists at Stiles Family Dentistry in Salem, NH, at (603) 893-4538 today!

By Stiles Family Dentistry
June 08, 2018
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Dental CrownsShould you extract a cracked tooth, or try to save it? By all means, save it, and avoid the many downsides of tooth loss. At Stiles Family Dentistry in Salem, NH, your dentists, Dr. Nicholas Papapetros, Dr. Paul Masterson, and Dr. Jhon Giraldo offer realistic porcelain crowns to shore up failing teeth, extending their lives and service. Learn more here about these predictable dental restorations.

What happens if you lose a tooth?

A lot of things happen, and none of them are good. Smile gaps cause:

  • Problems with personal appearance and self-confidence
  • Bone loss and gum recession at the extraction site
  • Tooth drift (adjoining teeth move toward the gap)
  • Impaired biting, chewing, and speaking
  • Need for expensive tooth replacement procedures

So, whenever possible, the team at Stiles Family Dentistry works to save teeth damaged by:

  • Accident
  • Deep decay
  • Infection
  • Gum disease
  • Congenital malformation

The dental crown

It's been around in various forms for generations. Today's material of choice for this tooth-shaped cap is porcelain. Realistic in color and sheen, dental-grade ceramic closely mimics natural tooth enamel.

Crowns cover damaged teeth from the gums on up. By visual inspection and digital X-ray imaging, your Salem, NH, dentist determines when these customized restorations are the proper treatments.

If you receive a dental crown, expect the procedure to be comfortable as your dentist numbs your tooth, removes the damaged portions and shapes the remaining structure. Digital impressions quickly provide the three-dimensional information the dental lab requires to craft the crown from a color-matched block of fine porcelain.

At a subsequent dental appointment, your dentist will remove your temporary cap and bond the new one in place. Modern dental adhesives are exceptionally reliable as are today's milling processes which ensure great fit and bite.

Other uses for crowns

Crowns spare teeth that are simply worn down from years of use. They improve the appearance and color of chipped, stained and oddly-shaped teeth, and they frequently finish more complex restorative treatments such as root canal therapy or dental implants. Crowns stabilize fixed bridgework, too.

Caring for dental crowns

It's as easy as brush and floss--really no different than your other teeth. Avoid eating excessively hard foods as these may crack your crown or wear it down prematurely. If you clench your teeth, ask your dentist about a bruxism guard. Of course, come in for a six-month cleaning and check-up.

How can we help?

If you worry about the longevity, appearance, and health of a particular tooth, contact Stiles Family Dentistry for a consultation with one of our dentists. Dental crowns save teeth! Call today for an appointment in Salem, NH, at (603) 893-4538.

By Stiles Family Dentistry
August 05, 2016
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Dental crowns can both improve the appearance and the functionality of your smile. With such a variety of uses, understanding dental dental crownscrowns may seem confusing. Luckily, your dentist can help you understand these versatile dental restorations. Learn more about dental crowns and how they benefit you with your dentist at Stiles Family Dentistry in Salem, NH.

What is a dental crown? 
A dental crown is a tooth-shaped dental restoration which fits on top of a tooth, covering it on all sides. A dental laboratory creates the dental crown, customizing it specifically for your mouth based on an impression taken by your dentist. Your dentist and the laboratory work together to color-match the crown to your natural teeth, ensuring it blends into your smile. Made from porcelain, dental crowns have similar light-reflecting qualities as natural teeth and are strong and durable.

What can dental crowns do for me? 
Dental crowns have many uses, including for both aesthetic and functional improvements. Dentists usually use dental crowns in the following situations:

  • to strengthen a weakened or broken tooth
  • to stabilize a tooth with a large filling
  • to improve the appearance of a yellowed, discolored or misshapen tooth
  • to complete a dental implant and replace a missing tooth
  • to restore the biting surface and functionality of a worn down tooth

Dental Crowns in Salem, NH
Dental crowns usually require two appointments. At your first appointment, your dentist prepares the tooth to receive the crown. This process involves removing parts of the tooth’s enamel from the sides and top of the tooth and shaping it into the correct form to fit inside of the dental crown. With the tooth prepared, your dentist takes an impression of your mouth which is then sent to the dental laboratory responsible for creating the crown. A temporary crown protects your tooth during the duration of time the laboratory requires to create the crown, usually about two weeks. At your second appointment, which occurs after the finished crown returns to your dentist’s office, the final restoration permanently replaces the temporary crown.

For more information on dental crowns, please contact Dr. Nicholas Papapetros, Dr. Jhon Giraldo and Dr. Paul Masterson at Stiles Family Dentistry in Salem, NH. Call (603) 893-4538 to schedule your consultation for dental crowns today!